John Howell, LMFT
Individual and Marriage Family Therapist in San Luis Obispo

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“It’s my Specialty to Help Individuals and Families Feel Better and Live More Productive Lives.”

John Howell is a Marriage Family Therapist and his goal is to provide affordable, personalized, high quality care in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. He is certified by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and has years of experience in his areas of specialty. With masters’ degrees in both psychology and nutrition, he offers clients of all ages a more comprehensive view of their concerns, and then works with them to restore a sense of balance and purpose in their lives and families. His specialities include anxiety, depression, divorce, eating disorders, couples and family conflict, addiction and 12 step work. it’s with great sensitivity and respect that he works to ensure that therapy is a safe, compassionate place where clients can let down their guard, process emotional pain and begin to put their lives back together. 

Working with families, his work is based on the research of John Gottman and Murray Bowen. He actively works to strengthen family ties by improving communication, resolving destructive emotions and restoring a sense of trust and respect in relationships. There are a number of ways to work toward these goals. Using cognitive behavioral counseling as well as family systems therapy, it is possible to quickly highlight, examine and eliminate those destructive and habitual ways of thinking and behaving that so often lead to misunderstandings and arguments. 

With individuals, his specialization is the holistic treatment of resistant anxiety and depression as well as binge eating disorder. If you are suffering with a chronic mood disorder and/or eating addiction and looking to resolve these conditions more rapidly, psychotherapy is important, but the value of nutrition and basic self-care should not be ignored. His approach to therapy integrates cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems and nutritional therapy. This training and unique orientation helps him better understand the emotional and nutritional needs underlying client’s struggles. With this greater awareness of how mind, body and mood are interrelated, he works with clients to promote greater peace of mind and overall well-being. 

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Call Us:  (323) 397-7324