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John Howell, LMFT
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Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Stress Management in San Luis Obispo

Psychotherapist, John Howell, LMFT

More than ever Americans are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, and these chronic on-going fears are often the source of so much disease and dissatisfaction.  The majority of my individual clients are looking for relief from anxiety related to  work demands, past trauma and/or family conflict. In therapy, clients learn to better manage stress and their emotions as well as move through the painful feelings associated with trauma, grief and loss. With the help of a professional, it is possible to make sense of your fears more quickly and start feeling better.

If you are suffering from anxiety and looking to resolve these conditions, psychotherapy and the working through fears, phobias and unproductive thoughts is important, but the value of nutrition and comprehensive self-care should also be considered. The mind and body form a brilliant system, but when basic needs are not being met, symptoms call our attention to the problem like a messenger. Chronic, on-going anxiety can then be seen as the body’s cry for help, with symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks often pointing the way toward underlying emotional issues as well as nutritional imbalances.  The question then becomes do we listen?

With background in both psychology and nutrition, I listen, and use this training as well as functional diagnostic testing (saliva, blood and urine) if necessary to offer clients of all ages a more comprehensive view of their problems, and then work with them to restore a sense of balance and purpose in their lives. My approach to mental health care is integrative and person-centered, and my goal is to understand and resolve the underlying condition, not just mask or manipulate the symptoms. With a greater awareness of how mind, body and mood are interrelated, therapy then becomes an opportunity to promote a more enduring emotional as well as physical well-being.