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Binge Eating Psychotherapy in San Luis Obispo

Psychotherapist, John Howell, LMFT

For better or worse, our lives revolve around food and the act of eating. From the beginning, food is sustenance, and our very survival depends on it. And later, eating takes on an almost magical ability to bring us together and set the stage for celebrations like birthdays and weddings. Food, however, can become such a source of pain and suffering when it becomes a replacement for love and security, or a substitute for healthy supportive relationships.

Emotional eating is defined as the consumption of food driven by uncomfortable feelings instead of actual hunger.  Food is the quick fix to avoid stress and feelings like loneliness, guilt, shame, anger, boredom, sadness and fear. It's been said emotional eaters use food as a drug to soothe, comfort, and keep them company. Unfortunately, like most drugs, its overuse leads to troubling symptoms and health consequences like anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation and in so many cases a destructive cycle of overeating, gaining weight, dieting and worse.​

With my background in psychology and nutritional science, I help clients break free from binge and emotional eating. My approach is comprehensive and focuses on understanding and resolving the underlying nutritional and emotional issues. Evidence-based treatments are based on the principles of functional nutrition as well as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Overcoming the pain and suffering of emotional eating is easier with the help of a trained professional. Together, we can work through troubling emotions, develop skills to manage the ups and downs of life, and in the long run create a more healthy and satisfying relationship with food.

During a phone consultation, I would be happy to discuss your needs and/or to set an appointment. Session times for marriage family therapy are available weekdays, evenings and on Saturdays. My fee is $100 per 50-minute session.