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John Howell, LMFT
Individual and Marriage Family Therapist in San Luis Obispo

Call Us:  (323) 397-7324

Is much of your time together spent fearful, arguing or in that cold, awkward silence? ​ Perhaps, it's time for a change.

As a couples counselor, I actively work to strengthen intimate relationships by improving communication, resolving destructive emotions and restoring a sense of trust and respect. There are a number of ways to achieve these goals. My work with couples is fundamentally based on the research of John Gottman and Sue Johnson. Using cognitive behavioral counseling as well as family systems therapy, it is possible to quickly highlight, examine and eliminate those destructive and habitual ways of feelings, thinking and behaving that so often lead to misunderstandings and arguments.

Instead of putting all that time and energy into fighting for who is right, couples counseling puts the focus on changing unproductive, entrenched habits of relating and communicating. Therapy often offers the best chance of determining what is working, what is not, and then moving forward to rebuild these troubled relationships from the foundation up, making them safer, stronger and more enjoyable for all. 

During a phone consultation, I would be happy to discuss your needs and/or to set an appointment. Session times for marriage family therapy are available weekdays, evenings and on Saturdays. My fee is $100 per 50-minute session.

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