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John Howell, LMFT
Individual and Marriage Family Therapist in San Luis Obispo

Call Us:  (323) 397-7324

Ever Wonder About... You?

Begin a Journey Inward!

Whether you are looking to manage work-related stress better or to improve on your ability to be in a loving relationship, individual therapy is an amazing tool for personal transformation.  Many individual clients I see are motivated and looking for ways to become more effective and powerful both in their personal and professional lives.  Other clients are exhausted, anxious, depressed and looking for relief.

Regardless, therapy can be an important vehicle to move through a lifetime's accumulation of pain and suffering, while more fully considering your possibilities for the future.  It's with great sensitivity and respect that I work to ensure that therapy becomes a safe, compassionate place where clients can let down their guard, make sense of their lives and begin the journey back to greater productivity and fulfillment.

With a advanced degrees in psychology and nutrition, I specialize in resolving the underlying emotional and self-care blocks that impact stress tolerance and overall performance. If you are ambitious, but easily overwhelmed, this can be a problem and a source of much suffering and poor health. I can help.

My approach to therapy integrates cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, family systems and somatic psychotherapy. In addition, nutritional training helps me better understand the dietary and lifestyle issues underlying my client's struggles. With this greater awareness of how mind, body and mood are interrelated, I work with clients to promote greater overall well-being.

During a phone consultation, I would be happy to discuss your needs and/or to set an appointment. Session times for marriage family therapy are available weekdays, evenings and on Saturdays. My fee is $100 per 50-minute session.

Therapy for Individuals